Brexit Conclusions

So, I have refrained from opinion on Brexit over the last few weeks mainly because I thought that all that could be debated had been up to that point. I have spent a bit of time discussing it in the City with a few clients and power-brokers and these conversations can be summed up by one with a much-respected individual who is well known in EC3 (for those ITK) for his genius and gravitas. Indeed so advanced is his knowledge of complex risk algorithms and so scarce his skills that he is working well into his 70s.

‘Both sides’ he said ‘are so insistent in battering everyone over the head with outrageous hyperbole that no one undecided will ever be able to make a rational and informed choice’. ‘Where do you stand?’ I said ‘To be honest, I think that it is simply a matter of ‘better the devil you know, so I am Remain”.

Respecting this towering intellect as much as I do, I have thought about this a lot since. I have also considered the exaggeration and table thumping on both sides that has lead to stasis and indecision in the debate itself. I have thought about my children and step-children, and the consequences for them of Brexit and the decisions that lay before us all. I have also taken a step back and considered, on a philosophical level, why so many people haven’t got a clue about what vote they will choose, or indeed, what on earth they are voting about.

And I think it is because the EU is a mirage, a nothing. It doesn’t really exist. It is a French bureaucrat’s wet-dream, a madman’s ontological manifestation.

Am I also mad? No. Consider this hypothesis, what if the EU disbanded tomorrow and each of the Eurozone countries returned to their own currencies? What would happen, what would change? And it is within that question that the answer lies.

For me it is still Brexit for two reasons: my concerns about the courts and how justice works in the EU (well documented here before) and the Babylon of unaccountable nonsense that is the various institutions of the EU.

My work has made me aware of an EU body that I have never heard of before. The offices are spectacular and the staff numerous; but it’s so so wasteful, full of people working on matters that mean absolutely nothing at all and do absolutely nothing and if it closed down tomorrow no one would notice – yet we pay for it. None of you actually know it exists and would understand why it does, given that it is supranational and the various EU member states all have their own National Agencies that do exactly the same thing.

So how does it work then? What happens is this body has the capacity to overrule decisions that it doesn’t agree with in member states, and in this particular agency’s case this is a very serious matter indeed, given the scale of corruption that big business could leverage within it given the agency’s power to overrule sovereign decisions.

So does the EU exist? Of course it does given the above, but the philosophical decision is, does it need to? Would we invent it if it didn’t? If the answer to that is a partial one for you, consider this; would it not be better to start again and put in place the element that you think is a reality?

The people that work at this agency don’t actually work, they are just commentating on work that has already been done, so if that’s the case, do they need to exist? And if they don’t, then it could be argued that it is a mirage. For this agency read all of the other similar agencies involved in other supranational decision-making.

For the EU read FIFA. The fact that it has not been disbanded is insane. The only thing that could and should work is to start again and remove the ability of countries and companies to influence decisions in a corrupt and malign way. The same goes for the EU. No one sane wants political and currency union, so why does the EU exist at all?

The only way this sclerotic and corrupt institution can be changed is Brexit. The only way FIFA could have been changed would have been if the English and Welsh FA and German FA had had the balls to leave it and set up a new voluntary body with a clear constitutional code. They bottled it and we are left with FIFA. Don’t make the same mistake with the EU. Force change and vote Brexit.